Guidelines for Participants

  1. Your attendance at an Executive Roundtable is accepted on the premise that you are participating in order to grow, learn, to impart your own knowledge and experiences with others and actively listen. It is important that you communicate in a positive and respectful manner, and your behaviour should reflect the same. All participants are asked to allow all attendees the opportunity to contribute.

  2. All matters discussed in a ‘roundtable’ should be treated with utmost confidentiality and should not be transmitted outside of the ‘roundtable’ group.

  3. All participants are expected to be tolerant of one another, of race, colour, physical attributes, gender, political motivation or background and/or sexuality.

  4. Participants do not have to attend every session, but it is beneficial to commit to all sessions. Please provide sufficient notice to the facilitator if you cannot attend.

  5. Material presented in roundtable sessions (by the speaker or facilitator) is offered for reference purposes, and it should not be transmitted to third parties without the prior approval of The Executive Roundtable.

  6. If there is a potential conflict of interest between Executive Roundtable participants, please notify the facilitator, so that arrangements can be made to allocate people to an alternate roundtable group.

  7. From time to time, participants will be encouraged to host a roundtable session at their business premises, however this is not compulsory.

  8. Occasionally roundtable sessions may be filmed. Please advise the facilitator if you do not wish to be filmed or photographed. If you agree to your image being filmed and/or photographed we would ask you to sign a photographic consent form.

  9. We encourage interaction between members of roundtables and the potential to do business together, however this is a benefit of your attendance and not a right.

  10. We encourage all participants to also have fun!

Guidelines for Speakers

  1. Speakers are there to impart knowledge and explain their experience, their vision or their passion to participants in a positive way.  Speakers are asked not to sell their products and/or services during the roundtable(s).

  2. Speakers are asked to present for a minimum of 40 -50 minutes and this may be extended if required. Please ask the facilitator.

  3. Speakers are asked not to bring or leave gifts for participants involved in roundtable activities. Speakers can pass along their business cards, but should not distribute brochures and other types of marketing and advertising materials. (Full contact details of the speakers are provided to all participants and participants are encouraged to contact speakers for follow-up if they so desire). Speakers can also provide a copy of their presentation if they desire.

  4. Speakers are reminded to be mindful and respectful of race, colour, gender and sexuality of roundtable participants.

  5. Speakers should be mindful to declare any potential or perceived conflict of interest with participants of roundtable groups.

  6. Speakers can request feedback from roundtable groups if they wish.

  7. Speakers are encouraged to actively engage the participants during their talk; and the roundtable facilitator will support and encourage open participation by all members of the group.

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