The Executive Roundtable

"I have been attending roundtable meetings for the past fifteen years. Even though we are in very different industries we all have similar problems, and having a sympathetic group to talk through issues is very useful."

Patrick Carrig

Managing Director

Carrig Chemists Pty Ltd

Success in the SME sector is all about developing a competitive advantage, and that’s exactly what The Executive Roundtable offers. Having access to a network of world-class experts and elite SME leaders will improve your business skills and solve issues faster.

Exceptional value, perfect for SME owners & managers.

Our pricing is as attractive as the benefits. We engage professionals who are proven game-changers in their field, so you’ll be exposed to the latest knowledge and trends that you can then use to grow your own business. The value, in both a financial and business sense, is exceptional.

Proven to do what we say it does.

Our current participants are real-world SMEs. In fact, you probably know someone whose business is already profiting as a result of The Executive Roundtable. Group-based learning and problem solving with peers has been proven to dramatically help people like you achieve more in business. The benefits are long term - you’ll develop new networks, opportunities and trusted friendships.

Business solutions delivered

Test new business models

How to globalise a business

Dealing with industrial relations

Training and developing people

What marketing works and doesn't

What business software should be invested in

Discover trusted suppliers and service providers

Navigate government regulations

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